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Document Cameras

If you would like to use the classroom document camera within your Zoom call or Kaltura Capture session, please reach out to us for assistance.

USB Camera and Microphone Connections

To support both synchronous and asynchronous remote education, Classroom AV Services has been working diligently to install a pan/tilt/zoom camera and additional microphones into several general assignment classrooms around campus while the rooms are vacant.  This hardware will be made available to all users via a USB cable installed in the laptop cable cubby in the lectern.  No special drivers or setup required.  Simply set up your laptop like normal (HDMI/VGA connection), plug the USB cable in your laptop, and select the appropriate camera, microphone, and speaker output within the software you want to use (Zoom, Kaltura Capture, etc).  No additional controls are needed to use the microphones and the camera can be controlled (pan/tilt/zoom) from the touch panel interface. 

Currently, we have been focused on classrooms with a capacity of 50 seats or more.  By the end of summer, we will have 90+ general assignment classrooms available with these capabilities!  Please check back to this page for further updates.  To see which rooms currently have this technology, search for “USB Camera and Microphone Connections” in our Classroom Catalog.

If you or your department has any questions about these capabilities or would like to know how to outfit your spaces similarly, don't hesitate to reach out to Classroom AV Services.

Here are a couple videos explaining how to use these devices within a classroom environment with Zoom and Kaltura Capture

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