The New Classroom Building opened for classes in August 2016. If you have taught on campus before, there are aspects of the new classrooms that you may not be accustomed to. If you will be teaching in the new building and would like an in-person tutorial, please contact our office.

A/V Systems

The classrooms in the new building do not have the standard teaching stations you may be used to. Each room has a small credenza in the corner containing the microphones and DVD/VHS players*. The touch panel and card reader are mounted in the same area.

To use your laptop or tablet, move the rolling instructor's desk to one of the black rectangular floor boxes and connect to it using the cables on the desk. The document camera may be connected in the same manner. There are also inputs located at the credenzas.

Connecting a laptop and document camera at the same location at the same time may cause unusual behavior, since the HDMI port takes priority. Either connect one device at a time, or turn off the device connected to the HDMI port to show the VGA device.

Be sure to select the correct input on the touch panel. The standard VGA and HDMI selections use the cables at the credenza, while the floor box inputs are labeled as such.

*Rooms 120, 170 and 220 do not have credenzas. The microphones and DVD/VHS players are located in a locked closet in these rooms. We are exploring ways of making these items more accessible.


All of the classrooms in the new building are equipped with Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation systems. These allow you to broadcast your laptop or tablet screen to the projectors without any cables. Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android are supported. To use the AirMedia system, select Wireless Presentation on the touch panel and follow the instructions. You will be asked to visit a website and install a small application on your device. Note that each classroom has a unique website associated with it; using the wrong address may result in broadcasting your screen to the wrong room.

If you are using a Mac, the sound may not work correctly over AirMedia. To fix this, try installing the Soundflower app. Contact your department's IT personnel for help with this.

Display Panels

Some classrooms have display panels (monitors) mounted to the walls. These can be turned on by using the wall switch located next to the panel. These panels must be connected to directly and cannot display content through the standard projector inputs. HDMI and VGA inputs are located on the wall near each panel. The panels in rooms 120 and 220 and the study areas are equipped with their own AirMedia systems (see above).

Message Boards

The electronic message boards present in most classrooms will not be installed in the classrooms in the new building, though some may be found in the hallways. Please address any concerns about this to 4Help at 231‑HELP (231‑4357).


Many instructors and students have expressed concerns about the lack of clocks in the new classrooms. This issue is being explored by the Office of the University Registrar.

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